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Crazed and bent on destruction, a monster horde has flooded into your fabled homeland. The fate of the town rests in your hands. Protect the houses, fight back the monsters, save your village.

Stop the monsters before they overrun your village

  • Green Spike Walking

    Green Spike

    These little guys are as ornery as they come. Their short legs don’t carry them very fast, but watch out for their sharp teeth, and stay clear of their breath!

  • Orange Rawr Attacking

    Orange Rawr

    Never mind the sad look, these baddies would rather snap you in two than look at you. Don’t let them anywhere near anything you want left intact!

  • Red Horned Devil Attacking

    Red Horned Devil

    In spite of the diabolical laughter, the Red Horned Devil isn’t funny at all. They are large, fast, and powerful, which makes for a formidable enemy that should not be underestimated.

  • Other Monsters

    Many more…

    Overland Blast is filled with unique monsters trying to destroy your village. Turn them back, collect their treasure, and save your homeland!

Two parts Space Invaders, one part Angry Birds, and a splash of Tower Defense, this addictive action game challenges you stop the invading monster horde before they destroy your village.

You’ll have a blast with all these weapons

Attack the advancing hordes with conventional weapons like a catapult or rocket launcher. Crave more powerful weapons? Upgrade your laser gun to a freeze ray, or use the antimatter gun to disintegrate the advancing hordes at an atomic level!

Using the plentiful rocks in the region as unlimited ammo, the catapult arcs huge rocks over obstacles that block many other weapons.
Rocket Launcher
The rocket launcher obliterates everything in the blast radius when it goes off. It should be used by trained operators only (point the front towards the enemy and pull the trigger).
Laser Gun
The laser gun makes short work of any monster unlucky enough to be trying to eat your house, especially with penetrating rounds and the freeze ray upgrades!

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