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Press Kit

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: New Node, LLC; Tchad Rogers
  • Release Date: Fall 2016
  • Beta: Closed beta will start late summer 2016, e-mail if you are interested in participating in the beta.
  • Platform: iOS only
  • Website:
  • Price: First two realms (10 levels total) are free. Two additional realms (10 additional levels) are available in a $0.99 level pack.
  • Availability: Apple App Store upon release
  • Press contact:
  • Social: Twitter, Facebook

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Overland Blast is an arcade-style action defense game with some unique gameplay mechanics, many quirky characters, and hordes of enemies trying to eat your homeland. The action varies from steady and strategic to intense, as you work your way from the mainland of your idyllic home village, through dark forests and a peaceful seaside community, and eventually into the fiery depths of the earth itself.

You play as the “Lieutenant”, striving to save your village from an onslaught of creatures trying to eat your village. Stopping the invasion will require unraveling the mystery of where the creatures came from, understanding the dark magic that puts them in a frenzy, and confronting the evil that has taken root within your idyllic village.

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  • Handcrafted, “2.5D” isometric graphics style
  • 20 unique levels through 4 themed realms of gameplay
  • Detailed realm maps show where you have been and where you are headed
  • Enchanting and mysterious storyline follows your heroic efforts to save your town, while dark magic, evil and corrupt powers, and piles of creatures try to stop you.
  • Insane boss battles in each realm test the limits of your weapons and reflexes!
  • 5 awesome weapons, 60 weapon upgrades, plus traps, items, and powerful one-use weapons
  • Tons of creatures with an insatiable appetite!

Fast Action, Fast Strategy

Increasingly quirky and powerful enemies advance towards the player character who remains entrenched in one place, defending the strategic point that spells the difference between victory and defeat in each level.

Quick-thinking, strategic gameplay requires selecting and using the best weapon for each situation, maximizing destruction while saving ammo and powerful upgrades for when they’re really needed.

The piles of loot you collect can be spent to upgrade weapons, buy ammo, and set traps to slow down and disrupt your foes.

Poisonous butterflies, anti-matter guns, neutron bombs, and dozens of weapon upgrades mean you’ll have no problem dispatching your enemies back from whence they came… if you can only figure out where exactly that is…

About the Developer

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Overland Blast is the creation of Tchad Rogers, an independent, solo developer, in collaboration with any of his friends he can rope into expressing opinions, reviewing art work, editing story dialog, retweeting his progress updates, and play-testing, in exchange for gratitude and (occasionally) thai food and/or beer.

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