Privacy Policy

Revision 7/31/2016

tl;dr - I will use common sense with any personal information you give me.


First, who I am. Well, actually, who any of us are is too deep of a question for a privacy policy, so I'll skip who I really am. But for the purpose of this privacy policy, when this policy reads "me", "I", or "Overland Blast", it is referring to New Node, LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company. When I say "you", I mean the visitor of this website, player of Overland Blast, or person subscribing to the mailing list. You, sitting there reading this. (You're pretty cool by the way, I like you!)

Information We Collect

If you sign up for the Overland Blast mailing list, then you provide me with your email address, and optionally, a name that may or may not actually be your legal name. Nevertheless I might occasionally use whatever you entered in that box in a mail-merge message to you. For instance, if the name you entered in that box was Master Commander Alex, then you might get an email from me that says "Yo, Master Commander Alex, check out this new stuff in Overland Blast!" This privacy policy gives me the right to do that. Booyow!

If you give me more personal information by other means, for example by following me on Twitter, tweeting at me, emailing the support address, or sending a plane to skywrite messages to me, I may or may not use that information appropriately. I will do my best to not unreasonably abuse the trust you hold in me when you provide additional info. For example, if you send a sweet red biplane to skywrite your personal details in the sky by my office, I won't sell those details, and I'll use them mostly only for their intended purpose, whatever that was at the time of contact, as best as I can determine.

Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

I will use your email address to send you updates about Overland Blast, stuff like development updates, information about new releases, content, or press coverage. Basically whatever I want, and you can't do a damn thing about what I choose to send you, other than delete the email and/or unsubscribe. I don't want you to do either of those things though, so I'll try not to send you any garbage that would make you want to.

I won't ever share your email address with anyone else, neither for love nor money. I won't use your email address for anything other than what I told you I would - sending you updates about Overland Blast. If you come up with a really clever "first name" entry when you sign up for my mailing list, I might share it with friends and laugh about it. With you, not at you. (I like you, remember?) I might even tweet about it. You are forewarned, funny "first name" entries are fair game for me to publicly share without notice. (I still won't share your email address though.)

If you want out, use the links in the email to peace out. I'll be sad to see you go, but happy to oblige. "If you love something, set it free." I love my fans and supporters, so I'll set you free.


If this privacy policy changes, I'll post the new version here with a revision date, and I'll email whatever email address you gave me, probably with a teeny tiny footnote way at the bottom of a longer message that says the privacy policy was updated. So, basically way more than what FaceBook does, and I don't even have access to all of your private deets. Their privacy policy probably has a clause buried a mile into their wall of text that says they can use the genetic information they have collected from your online behavior to create a you-monkey hybrid clone. Were you notified about that policy change? Probably not. I won't do that. I won't ever abuse your trust by using your digital genetic information to create a you-monkey hybrid clone without telling you.

So uhh, that's it. Maybe I should copy-paste like 12 more pages of legalese here so I seem more professional and legally intimidating?

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